Alloy Sound was incorporated in 2003 by Kurt Festge

Like many audio engineers, at a very young age I was intrigued by music and fascinated by how it was created, recorded and reproduced. Piano, cello and percussion lessons segued into electronic music production. At the same time, I learned to operate a church radio broadcast booth. At the start of high school, I had an intrinsic sense of belonging when I first entered a recording studio, and quickly developed a deep understanding of audio engineering. Those skills put me into professional recording studios, working in both music and post production.

While attending DePaul University, I continued to work, playing keyboards professionally and designing a recording studio. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Music degree and continued with projects I found interesting. I also began freelancing in video production, providing location audio and teleprompting services. Since then, I have continued work as a freelancer, providing services that are listed on this website.

I was raised in Milwaukee, WI, spent about 18 years in Chicago, IL and relocated to Asheville, NC with my wife and daughter in 2012. I enjoy listening to music, making noises in my studio, hiking and staring at mountains.



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