Post Production


A lot happens during a voiceover recording session, which can move fast in order to get through many pages of copy.  Multiple takes need to be recorded to be certain that every word is intelligible and that the cadence and inflections of the voice flow in a way that is both natural and dynamic. Careful notes are made on the script copy to indicate best takes, which are often spliced together for perfect delivery.  In order to maintain consistency from start to finish, the energy level, voice timbre and positioning of the talent need to be closely monitored.


Audio assets such as location sound, voiceover, music and sound effects compromise the final mix. The challenge is integrating these elements using volume automation, equalization, dynamics control, and noise minimization. Combining all of these audio elements in the right balance strengthens the presentation of the finished video product.

Past projects include corporate industrial videos, exhibits, instructional DVD's and streaming online marketing. Samples are available by request.

- Nuendo Post and Audio Production software

- Sennheiser 416 supercardioid microphone

- TC Electronic MD3 software