Music Recording and Mixing

These days, I do not have a studio home, though I do have a studio at home.  I can engineer recordings just about anywhere, including my studio, other studios, maybe even your studio.  We should talk. Read on to see if you would like to. 


     When I was in high school, I first entered a professional recording studio as an electronic music composer. I quickly learned my way around the studio environment and wanted to work on other recording projects. I worked at several studios in Milwaukee - Independent Sound, owned by composer Peter Buffett; Independent Studios, home to post production engineer and sound designer Randy Bobo; and DV Productions, named after owner David Vartanian, where I had the opportunity to work with the Violent Femmes, Jerry Harrison, the Crash Test Dummies, and Narada Records artists.  I managed to find time to work on my own music, and self-produced a release on CD and cassette. That was when I was 17, and there were no CD burners at that time! My first release was on cassette, which I put out when I was 15.


   I moved to Chicago to earn a B.S. in Music at DePaul University. During that time, I played keyboards for Peter Buffett on a few gigs. I was really interested in sampling, so it was great playing a mix of keyboard parts and samples to cover sounds from the studio recordings. I also continued working with Citizen King, a Milwaukee band that I got to know when I was in high school. At DePaul, I needed some recording projects and Citizen King needed to record, so everyone was a winner. That work led to involvement with their album backed by Warner Brothers. I was hired to design their studio,  manage the construction and install the gear.  That was my crash course in studio design, thanks to consultation with a few experienced studio folks.

     After DePaul, I worked at Chicago Trax where R. Kelly and Ministry were in studio suites right next to each other. The following summer I worked on a project at Evans Drum Heads in N.Y., recording product endorsers.  Back in Chicago, I freelanced at Steve Ford Music as an engineer and a composer. I also moved into a shared studio space where I set up shop until 2009.  I was fortunate to meet and record some great musicians during that time in Chicago.  Closing that studio coincided with the opening of Chrome Attic,  a studio that I designed, so I was able to bring projects to a place intimately familiar to me.


   So now we find ourselves in beautiful Asheville, NC, and I have been listening to and meeting great musicians.  I am looking forward to having more great musical experiences here!